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Sunamp Heat Batteries



SunampStack is an advanced heat storage designed to save you money by optimising the operation of renewable heat sources. More information


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This new product responds to the needs of large community and commercial scale heat storage.  It will deal with grid constraints and ensures continuous generation. More information


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The SunampPV is a system which uses excess electricity from a Solar PV array to heat hot water without the need for an immersion heater tank. More information

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  • “Excellent visit to Sunamp in Macmerry. East Lothian Company producing cutting edge renewable heat technology. Very very impressive.” – Mr. Iain Gray MSP
  • “It’s so flexible! A lot better than my previous system!” – Ms. H Ayton
  • “I’m not moving house without it!” – Ms.B Chirnside
  • “We had a house full of guests, and never ran out of hot water once!” – Ms. M Linlithgow
  • “I pay 1/3 of what I used to pay on my previous energy bill!” – Ms. H Ayton

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